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Aubade with Ravens by Jessica Lynn Suchon

Aubade with Ravens

by Jessica Lynn Suchon

(published in Pinch, Fall 2019)

When you sleep, the moon plucks hurt from my palm

like a loose thread, unravels

skin and leaves a skeleton of iron in your bed. I dream silver-

veined marble basins filled

with cream. I dream the ravens that bathe there, the scream

of wings as white spatters

from feathers and freckles the sky with constellations.

Morning reminds me how closely we sleep

and when you reach for me,

already awake and wanting, I stay

curled away from your chest. I want to tell you

I loved a man who beat me bloody and he left me

scared of everything. Listen,

I am trying to warn you

how my body cannot be trusted, that pain takes

strange forms. Any light I swallow leaves just as—

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