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Lower East Side Brucha by Rachel Trousdale

Lower East Side Brucha

by Rachel Trousdale

published in you are here, 2013

Blessed art thou, Lord our God, king of the universe, who

maketh Yiddish-English newspapers. Blessed art thou who

redeemeth the stained brown curtains

in billows out the window. Blessed art thou, for thou makest

the Chinese to run a bus from New York to Toledo, Ohio,

and across the street from the bus stop

thou placest the Jerusalem Yeshiva. Blessed art thou, o God,

for thou hast set dim sum restaurants on the second floor of

a mall under the Manhattan Bridge,

and blessed art thou who bringeth bitter melon to the street

stalls. Blessed art thou, who commandeth us to sweat,

who maketh the green ends of turnips to wilt in the heat, and

the air conditioners to drip onto our shoulders. Blessed art

thou, o God, creator of bicycles,

for the twenty-second of July, for on this day thou hast made

an excellent heat, and the reek of rot; blessed, for the work

of thy human hands.

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