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Below is a classic Word Search puzzle. However, instead of providing you with the words you need to search for (all are the last names of poets whose poems have been posted on my blog) I have provided the poem title by that poet. For example, if Shakespeare were one of the names included here (it is not), the clue would be Sonnet 130, which was posted on April 23, 2023. The poem titles are listed alphabetically, and have no relation to their positions in the puzzle. Find the poems on my blog (and read the poems, of course!) to know what names to look for.

Have fun!

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 1.04_edited.jpg

Anderson Inside the Hurricane

Assisted Living

Breastbone Ode


Coyote Night

Evening Meal

Feed My People (The Toxicology Prayer)

Freeway 280

Getting Engaged in the Gun Room of the Lafayette Hotel

Indian Bording School: The Runaways

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Mrs. Buddha Calls on Mrs. God


Residual Memory of Mercy

So Chinese Girl

So Many Swans Could Mean Something


That First Night, the Hospital

To a Small, Sweet Calimyrna Fig

We Lived Happily During the War

What I Wanted

What Is Love If Not Rot?

You Reading This, Be Ready

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