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Some of the journal links lead to journals that are no longer publishing,

but I linked to them if the web site continues

and there remains on it pieces that are still available to read.


Upcoming    ​    

      "Dirt, Ancient, Ours," The Bayou Review


      The Dutiful Daughter, Guided by Venus," The Bayou Review   



      "Relationship, with Snow," The Bayou Review

      "Visiting What Was Originally Known as the Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum, Milledgeville, Georgia, 1994," Bare Hill R




      "Backyard," The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press (scroll down; also on the press' Instagram page)


      "In the Dark," Sky Island Journal (scroll down to find me)

         "Moon Face," West Trestle Review                                                  

      "What the Bones Love about Arthritis," Sky Island Journal (scroll down to find me)




       "Around Back," LEON Literary Review


       "Central Park Meditation," The Mantle   

       "Evolution," Pink Panther Magazine (Volume 4, Number 2, September 2023)

       "Field Report," Levitate Magazine (page 244)

      "The Ghosts of Makira Moorhens," [alternate route] (page 66)

       "Guide for the Uninitiated," Playing Authors Anthology, Old Iron Press

      "Hate Poem," Blood Orange Review    


      "How to Be a Poet," Playing Authors Anthology, Old Iron Press​


      "How to Build a Cave," The Broadkill Review

       "I Need to Believe Seagulls Know They Are Creating Memories," Jabberwock Review

      "Let me tell you about gardening," humana obscura (click on Digital Edition/Read Now and then Page 24)

       "Love Song: Plate Boundaries," Passionfruit Review

       "Luminous," Field Guide Poetry Magazine


       "Madame's Crystal Ball," Twin Bird Review

       "Marianne Moore Tries to Solve a Dilemma," Playing Authors Anthology, Old Iron Press

       "Microwave Everything," Unbroken (scroll down to the photo above my name and click the photo)

       "The Motel Room," Levitate Magazine (page 248)

       "Ode to Long Shots," Field Guide Poetry Magazine

       "Pulsate," Loch Raven Review

       "September 2020," [alternate route] (page 65)

       "Vanishing," [alternate route] (page 64)


     "After The Circus Rider by Marc Chagall," Clamor Journal (page 23)

      "Another Small Rebellion," Harpur Palate

      "Concluded: Six Weeks Bed-ridden," Rockvale Review 


     "Dimensions," Change Seven

     "The Discovery of Bodies," Divot Poetry

     "Electric City," Cantos (page 74)


     "Gneiss," The HitchLit Review

     "Gorillas," Ponder Review

     "Loving the Inside of a Flower Is Not the Same As Loving Its Scent," The HitchLit Review

     “Ode to Long Island,” Oberon

      "One Afternoon," Sweet Tree Review

      "Sea Jelly," Canary

      "Summers on Long Island," MORIA


      "This Unlit Highway, This Luminous Sky," Cantos (page 72)

      "What I Wish I'd Said to the Cop Who Pulled Me Over for Speeding on a Highway Somewhere in Central  Kentucky," Rathalla Review

      "Wildfire Season," Clamor Journal (page 24)

      "You're Not One, But Many," MORIA

      "Zip Code Poem," Divot Poetry



    “An Appreciation of Math,” The William and Mary Review                                        

     “Autopsy in France,” The MacGuffin


    “Branwen,” The Heartland Review​                                                                                     

    “Consider the Wooly Mammoth,” The MacGuffin


    “Desert Art,” Honest Ulsterman


    “Different Voices,” Feral


    “Girls,” 3Elements Review  (page 21)   


    "Haunted," Black Moon (The Blood Moon Issue)

    “How to Take a Road Trip,” The Scriblerus


    “I’m Faster Than My Brothers,” Broad River Review

    “The Magic,” Remington Review (page 24)


    “Still Life,” Heron Tree

     "Unborn," Hobo Camp​


    “What the DVT Loves about the MRI,” The Sandy River Review



    “After Re-Reading Willa Cather’s My Antonia,” Broad River Review                          


    “Burial Poem,” Red Earth Review


    “Disabled: An Etheree,” Stonecoast Review


    “Hiding Out in Nevada,” Tipton Poetry Journal  (page 36)   


    “In a Yard in Mississippi,” The Trinity Review (page 14)


    “John Steinbeck Delivers My Mail,” Moon City Review


    “Ode to Good-bye,” Garfield Lake Review (Together We Create cover, pages 19-20)


    “Ode to Marianne Moore,” Duck Lake Journal


    “Ode to Milk,” The Hollins Critic


    “Repressed,” Tipton Poetry Journal (page 37)


    “Secret Little Love,” Red Earth Review (as Un-Marriage)


    “What the Blood Loves about the DVT,” Garfield Lake Review (Together We Create cover, pages 21-22)



    “I Was Bigfoot’s Love Slave,” Jenny


    “The Irish Girls,” The Comstock Review


    “Migration,” Nightingale & Sparrow


    “Oh, the Wild Bird,” The Comstock Review


    “The Woman With Warts On Her Elbows,” River and South Review



    “At Fifteen,” Oracle


    “Growing Up Girl,” dirtcakes


    “Hook Girl,” dirtcakes


    “In Louisiana,” The List Anthology


    “Married for Decades, Still in Love,” Oracle


    “My Villain,” The New Guard


    “Purr,” The New Guard


    “To the Oregon Couple Who Lost Their Cat at the Super 8 Motel in Seward, Nebraska,” The Penwood Review



    “Arbitrary Limits,” Tribeca Poetry Review    


    “Children,” Prose Poem Project


    “Coastal Fallacy,” Room


    “Dinner,” dotdotdash


    “Eat Your Words,” dotdotdash


    “How to Be a Mother and Not Be a Mother,” Spillway


    “How to Pack for God,” Room


    “The Children’s Blizzard, January 1888,” Encore


    “Geography,” Sleet Magazine


    “Hills,” flashquake


    “How to Cook,” Future Cycle (page 47)


    “I Like the Way Space Is,” The Stray Branch


    “If You Only Knew How Easy It Is to Break Into My House,” The Line-Up


    “In Hiding,” Verseweavers


    “Later in Life,” The Medulla Review


    “Leaving Long Island,” The Line-Up    


    “Making Frogs,” The Medulla Review


    “My Husband, Excited about Serfs,” Sugar House Review


    "Needs More Science," Prime Mincer


    “Pausing, Not Stopping,” Prose Poem Project


    “Secret to a Happy Marriage,” Future Cycle (page 46)


    “The Thing I Brag about Is How Fearless I Am,” Cave Scribbles


    “Undertaker,” Prose Poem Project



    “Ankle Deep,” New Ohio Review


    “Ars Poetica,” Adirondack Review


    “Bad Day,” Untitled Country Review


    “The Candy Girl Remembers Atlantic City,” Front Range Review


    “Confession,” Rose & Thorn


    “Crush,” The Summerset Review


    “Diner at 4 A.M.,” New Mexico Poetry Review


    “The Eighth Graders, After a Day of Poetry,” Encore


    “Finally. A Poem about Hickeys,” Foliate Oak


    “For Those Who Drive on Bad Tires,” Zone 3


    “Gravity,” Blue Earth Review


    “How to Get into Trouble, Film Noir Style,” The Smoking Poet


    “I Asked You,” The View from Here


    “The Laboratory Animals, After Katrina,” Spiral Orb

    “My Friend Explains Life, as It Was, to Her Daughter, and I Overhear,” The View from Here


    “Noiseless,” Encore


    “Occupants,” 10x3 Plus


    “Renting the House with Bad Karma,” The Minnetonka Review


    “Response to Spam Email with the Subject Line: Can I Trust You?”, 10x3 Plus


    “The Shape of Birds,” Stickman Review


    “The Shoplifter,” The Meadow


    “Talking Through Walls,” Moon Milk Review


    “Things Old People Remember about Their Youth,” Foliate Oak


    “Trees of New England,” Sliver of Stone


    “Valise,” Rose & Thorn Journal


    “Way Out There,” Stickman Review


    “We Are So Much Closer to Death,” Honeyland Review


    “What Lullabies Really Mean,” 10x3 Plus


    “What Poetry Means,” Encore


    “When White People Travel Abroad,” The Minnetonka Review


    “When You’re a Girl,” Mid-American Review


    “Where I’ve Lived,” Verseweavers


    “Wishes for Fish and Bridges,” Driftwood Review


    “The Workers,” Flint Hills Review    



    “The Art of Mixing,” Santa Fe Literary Review


    “Fire Burns for Oxygen,” Iodine Poetry Journal


    “Farm Life,” Tipton Poetry Journal


    “The Middle of the Night Is Not the Best Place to Find Love,” Cider Press Review


    “Ode to Everything Ordinary,” Bryant Literary Review

     “Overheard about Animals,” (written with Jessica Beth Howard) New Madrid


    “Rip Current,” Eclipse  



    “How to Choose a Career,” Ozone Park 


    “A Spenserian Sonnet In Which the Author Attempts to Summarize Every Movie with a Romantic Plot Device She Has Ever Seen While           Her Elderly Cat, the Extraordinarily Well-Named Loki, Walks and Climbs on Her, Her Keyboard, and in Front of the Mac Screen,                         ” Verseweavers



    “The Beginning of Flight,” Möbius


    “Between Victims Six and Seven,” Plum Biscuit


    “The End: After Learning of a Friend’s Suicide,” Off the Coast


    “Everything Exactly the Way You Want It,” Main Street Rag


    “How to Wear Water,” Encore


    “I Am Not Regret,” Plum Biscuit


    “Protecting the Young,” Main Street Rag


    “The Things You Want, The Things You Can’t Get,” Main Street Rag



    “Eden,” Coal City Review


    “Glitches in the Morning After, The Night Before,” California Quarterly


    “Kenwood,” The Healing Muse


    “Losing a Country,” Feile-Festa


    “The Next New West—Summer, 2002,” Weber Studies


    “Not Paradise,” Freshwater


    “1.2 Miles Outside of Richmond,” Weber Studies    


    “Sharing the Tornado’s View,” Weber Studies


    “Penance,” Paterson Literary Review


    “Sphex Wasp,” The Comstock Review



    “A Day in the Life of Brazil,”  A Gathering of the Tribes


    "How to Talk to Your Yard as if It’s Your Lover,” American Poetry Journal

        reprinted on Verse Daily website, October 6, 2005


    “Everybody Is Always from Long Island,” Kennesaw Review


    “Sex and Death,” The Teacher’s Voice




    “Being New,” Pegasus


    “CoCo Chanel in the Stairwell,” Poetry East


    “The Fruits of Las Vegas,” Blue Mesa Review


    “Into the Sheep Meadow,” Wisconsin Review


    “It’s So Obvious What Will Happen When TV’s Crocodile Hunter Gets Too Full of Himself and Lets His Fame Go to His Head,” Minimus


    “Joy—When There Is Nothing Else,” Deus Loci


    “Legacy,” Minimus



    “Ascendancy,” cash prize not included


    “Basho in South Dakota,” Encore


    “Danger,” The Anthology of New England Writers


    “Eight Tons of Soil Per Acre,” Willard & Maple


    “How to Eat Poetry,” Verseweavers


    “I Never Get Tired of The Wizard of Oz,” The Mochila Review


    “In Fifty Years.” Re)verb


    “Is Not Beautiful,” Gingko Tree Review


    “It’s Been a Busy Week,” Verseweavers


    “Letter to the Astronaut,” white heron


    “Metaphors and Lies,” Antietam Review


    “Midnight: Catskills,” Gingko Tree Review


    “Miguel de Cervantes,” Homestead Review


    “Moons in Autumn,” The Pikeville Review


    “The Nature of Condiments,” Creosote


    “Orange,” Verseweavers


    “A Reluctant Client at the Shelter Speaks,” Verseweavers


    “The Sea Mermaid’s Story,” Ship of Fools


    “Verbs,” Re)verb


    “Wife, Summer, West Virginia,” Curriculum Vitae

           reprinted in Ibbetson Street, 2004

           reprinted in Spare Change News, 2004



    “Alice, Post-Wonderland,” Quercus Review


    “Bayview, Captree, Higbie, Manetuck, Paumanok, Oquenock, Secatogue, Westbrook,” South Dakota Review


    “Cigarettes and Blue Dye, No Bullets,” Barnwood


    “Domestica,” The 2002 Emily Dickinson Awards Anthology


    “How to Find Your Way in New York City, Especially If You Have Low Expectations,” South Dakota Review


    “How to Teach Palmistry,” Ellipsis


    “Ideally, This Plan Should Work,” miller’s pond


    “The Lawyer in the Moon,” Verseweavers


    “The Loneliness of Longitude and Latitude,” Encore


    “The Poseidon Adventure Comes to North Babylon, New York,” Crab Orchard Review (pages 69-70)


    “The Problem with Hanging Out with Dead Elvis in Vegas,” Old Red Kimono


    “The Skeleton Holding Up the Sky,” The Poet’s Touchstone


    “What Fences Do without Words,” Taproot Literary Review


    “What Happened to the Lamplighters,” Gingko Tree Review



    “About the Things We Leave Behind in Cities,” Poems and Plays


    “After the Bridge," Clark Street Review 


    “An Approximation of Mars,” Heliotrope 


    “At the Monthly Support Meeting for People Who Have Menial Jobs with Sexual-Sounding Names,” Fireweed


    “The Bad Wife,” Phoebe: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Feminist Scholarship, Theory, and Aesthetics

    “Birth Control, with Smoke: Margaret Sanger Has an Idea,” Clark Street Review


    “Candy,” Green Hills Literary Lantern


    “Chimneys,” Soundings East


    “Clouds,” Soundings East


    “For the Aliens, Once They Land,” Sow’s Ear Poetry Review


    “Gentle Advice for the Lovelorn and Nervous,” Oregon Review


    "I Love Men on Prozac,” Spoon River Poetry Review


    "Ireland, Scotland, New York, Massachusetts,” One Trick Pony


    “Jewelweed,” Pinyon

    “My Job and Why I Left It,” Wavelength


    “Now, at 40, I Want Poems,” South Dakota Review 


    “Obsession,” Fox Cry Review 


    “The Odds of Winning at Love Aren’t in Your Favor,” Rattapallax

           Reprinted in BigCityLit (scroll down)


    “Quiet Lives of Aspiration,” Sulphur River Literary Review


    “Resurrection,” West Wind Review


    “Sitting in the White House Bar in Fishkill, New York,” South Dakota Review


    “What the Birds Are Worth,” Sow’s Ear Poetry Review


    “Winter Night,” Oregon Review


    “Winter Rain,” Little Brown Poetry



    “Catching Cold,” The Lucid Stone


    “Drought Summer,” Petroglyph 


    “The Front Yard, The Back Yard,” Raintown Review


    “Grave,” Trestle Creek Review


    “The Mysterious Connection Between Birds and Humans Solved,” Parting Gifts 


    “The Opera, Broken Glass, and Adult Perceptions,” PDQ 


    “Parents,” Pennsylvania English


    “Reptile World,” Seedhouse


    “Sins,” Parting Gifts


    “The Splendors of Ancient Egypt,” Cedar Hills Review


    “Taking the Plunge,” Washington Square


    “Two Questions about Modern Poetry,” Parting Gifts 


    “What I Find in South Dakota,” LitRag 



    “A Clean House Is a Good House,” Devil Blossoms


    “A Prisoner in My Own Home,” Maelstrom


    “Animals,” Albatross (page 14)


    “Every Photograph I’ve Ever Seen,” The Distillery


    “How to Tell,” Artword Quarterly


    “Life on the Moon,” Gulf Stream Magazine


    “My Friend in Hawaii Knows about Love,” Sightings: Poems of Discovery


    “The Rocks the Finns Moved,” Cottonwood


    “Scare Crows,” Red Owl


    "This Being the First Night They Left the House,” Footprints


    “Towards Earth,” The Oregonian


    “The Village of Expectancy,” Riverrun


    “Young Children at Midnight,” The Distillery



    “Articulable,” Bookpress: The Newspaper of the Literary Arts


    “Bras: A Sestina,” National League of American PEN Women/Portland Branch, Contest Newsletter         


    “Circus Memory/Newborn Fate,” Pudding


    “City of Stars,” Poem 


    “Crop Duster’s Wife,” Plainsongs


    “Crossroads,” Black Dirt


    “The Dream Readers,” The Listening Eye


    “The Far Mountain,” The Pointed Circle 


    “Hearing Whispers,” Re:AL


    “How to Tame Me,” The Pointed Circle 


    “The Hunt, The Memory,” Old Red Kimono


    “Knives,” Fireweed


    “Looking for Elvis,” Porcupine Literary Arts Review


    “Masque,” Potpourri


    “Outside of Town,” Midwest Quarterly


    “Picture This in Chalk,” Möbius


    “This Is What They Found Reading Poetry,” Black Dirt


    “This Poem Being an Explanation in Which I Explain Why I Stay with That No Good Man,” Möbius


    “Two Days at the Old House,” Coe Review


    “Under the Watchful Eyes of Great Art,” Porcupine Literary Arts Review


    “What My Father Does and Doesn’t Do,” Poem


    “What the Neighbors Suspect Is True,” The Pointed Circle


    “Woman with a Book,” Poem


    “The Words You Know,” The Sierra Nevada College Review



    “Fine, Smooth Lines Like Peacock Plumes,” North Dakota Quarterly (pages 55-56)


    “Honey,” The Rockford Review


    “I Do Laundry Well,” The Comstock Review


    “Satin Stitching,” American Poets and Poetry


    “Watching Things Burn,” No Exit




    “Moments in Williston,” Sulphur River Literary Review


    “Pulling Out of New York,” Zuzu’s Petals Quarterly




    “Next Time,” Interim




    “All Hallow’s Eve,” Black Buzzard Review


    “The Boston Strangler: A Victim’s Mother Speaks,” Slipstream


    “Lime,” Potato Eyes


    “My Father, Killing Mice,” Pikeville Review


    “Sestina,” Re:AL


    “Yielding,” Piedmont Literary Review



    “Filming Terror,” AIM 


    “Harry Houdini Returns from the Dead,” Abbey


    “Hitting the Heat,” Long Island Quarterly


    “Origins,” AIM


    “Shielding the Echo,” The Advocate


    “Time Travel,” The Advocate 


    “Wild Turkey,” The Advocate


    “What I Am Saying,” Bellowing Ark


    "Tea Roses," The Kindred Spirit

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