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Homecoming Tallahassee by Kavita Gandhi

Homecoming Tallahassee

by Kavita Gandhi

We passed into the city

like sterile vessels

aching under the 3 o’clock hour.

Our eyes staggered through

the epileptic cop car lights,

picking still freeze scenes

from the festival blur.

Loud rice cake voices, singing blandly,

motored by, while bass-lines

bucked the soft, dark fat

of the night’s underbelly.

The town was an echo

of beastly thundering.

Alley cat eyes prowled

in aimless acquisition.

Traffic jammed,

bumper-bumper rut

thumped on the gas.

Booming happy swarms

bounced off our headlights.

Gaping past the cranking cars,

I saw the quiet moon shudder in the sky.

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