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You Oughta Be in Pictures!: Creative Prompt

If you head over to today's blog poem, you will see I included a photo I took of Maya Angelou and Margaret Walker Alexander. Maya Angelou was addressing the crowd at the reception; I was too star-struck to actually ask to pose with them, or even to ask them to pose for a photo.

Not many famous people affect me this way, but those two? I was in AWE. Could not believe I was in the same room with that much talent and skill and brilliance.

Of course, there have been times when I did manage to talk to someone I greatly admire and said something so awkward I wanted to crawl away. Only two of those times come to mind, and I refuse to consider possible other times!

Having spent much of my life in New York, and coming and going from New York, I saw a lot of famous people, usually at one of the airports. I can tell you that many famous male action stars are very short. Very, very short. And Carol Channing was sweet and delightful.

Now onto the prompt!

Write/Paint/Sew/Bead/Mold/Etc. about your encounter with a famous person. If you have not had one, imagine one, make one up, or picture a future meeting. You can also write an epistolary piece--a poem or prose piece written as a letter or series of letters. Maybe your encounter was not an actual one, in which you met the person, but one in which you were an audience member.

If you would like a little more inspiration, check out this song/video on YouTube by Bree Sharp, "David Duchovny, Why Won't You Love Me?" by clicking here. (Even if you do not need any more inspiration, you should watch this video--so much pop culture, beyond The X-Files,

is represented. Be sure to watch until the very end!)

Whatever you choose to do, have fun!

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