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Write to the Music: Writing Prompt

As usual (although not always), this week's prompt takes its cue from today's blog poem, Middle-Aged Karaoke by Timothy Houghton.

But you don't need to be middle-aged or have experience singing karaoke.

For this week's prompt, write a poem, story, essay, etc. that includes a reference to a favorite song. You can do as Tim did and call out what you think is the best song by a certain band. That's up to you. You can also make your reference part of the physical imagery, as Tim also did, or you can make the song the focus of your writing.

To help you along, think about your answers to these questions (you can free write your answers, if that helps you):

what decade had the best music? why?

what song always cheers you up? makes you cry? makes you feel unstoppable?

what was the first concert that saw? what made it special?

did you make mix tapes or burn CDs for people? what kinds of songs were often on those?

what song do you always sing along with? dance to?

who do you think is the most underrated singer or band?

which song makes you think of a specific moment in your childhood? adolescence?

think of 5 bands whose names have at least one word that begin with the following letters:

C, H, M, R, S--what is each band's best song?

did you ever sing a song to someone? what song? who? why?

what was the first song you bought, either as a 45 or on iTunes or as part of an album/CD?

what song do you think is overplayed/overpraised?

who played at the most recent concert you attended?

You should have lots of great memories, songs, singers, and bands in your head now, so go write about something and include a song somehow!

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