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Winter Wonderland: Writing Prompt

This week's prompt acknowledges that we all have different reactions to winter and its holidays.

Write about winter. You can even use "What Winter Means to Me" as a placeholder title. (But please change that in revision, as that is not a great title.)

You can focus on a specific memory, incident, holiday, or person. Use lots of specific details that entail the 5 senses: the smell of popcorn at the Super Bowl party, the sounds of waves on the beach, the feel of -40 on an uncovered nose, the sight of a department store on the day after Christmas, the taste of Scottish shortbread on New Year's day, etc.

If you are stumped, look online at pictures of "Winter." When I found the photo below of icicles, it brought back a lot of memories from both my childhood and from the ice storm we had here a few years ago.

To add to this challenge, use lots of words with W's and C's. These sounds contrast soft and hard, and the tone and perspective of your piece may lead you to use one more than the other.

Stay warm and have fun!

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