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When's Your Birthday?: Poetry Prompt

For this week's prompt, you are getting your poem's first line.

I am using a calendar I have for this one. Look for your birthday month; the "line" after that is inspired by the picture that is on my calendar for this month.

(Full disclosure: this prompt comes from my sarcastic sense of humor. When I flipped the page to May last week and saw the photo, I immediately thought, "Oh, yeah. When it comes to May, I think of koalas.")

This is, by the way, The Nature Conservancy's beautiful 2022 calendar. Each month has the large photo, as well as one or two smaller ones, so you actually get a choice of at least two things.

All the lines are: When I think of (month), I think of (photograph).

Have fun!

January: owl, stoat

February: cacti, mule deer, Antelope Canyon in Arizona

March: wolf, bison

April: poppies, bobcat

May: koala, wallaby mother and joey

June: whale shark, jellyfish, coral reef

July: gray-handed night monkeys, Inirida River in Colombia

August: Havasu Falls in Arizona, Grand Canyon

September: Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana, alligator, woodpecker

October: monarch butterfly, wood duck

November: Buffalo National River in Arkansas, mushrooms, red fox

December: mockingbird, hummingbird

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