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What Does Your Voice Do?: Prompt

In today's blog poem, "A Voice Speaking Out," by Faye Turner-Johnson, the speaker begins by telling us, "I have a voice that roams while" and tells us a few other things her voice does.

There is a twist, however. In stanza 3, we are told by the speaker that "they" object to the speaker's voice. The poem goes on to say what "they" suggest and the speaker's response.

In your response to this prompt, write/create a piece in which the speaker (it can be you, but it does not have to be) faces objections to their voice; the voice should be centered on one aspect of the speaker. Race is what "they" object to in Turner-Johnson's poem and your speaker can use race as well.

Other ideas are gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, location, career,

age, weight, mental health, religion, or anything else that you identify as part of your being.

Describe the voice and the objections to it, and then tell us how the speaker (if you are writing) responds. Turner-Johnson's poem ends with her feeling as if she has failed. Your piece can go beyond that and let us know how the "they" respond to your speaker's response.

I really hope that someone makes a collage based on this prompt. As I was writing this out, I kept seeing in my mind collage-like images.

Have fun! I would love to see your results to this prompt!

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