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There Has to Be a First for Everything: Prompt

Today's poem on my blog, "Hope," was written by Elsa Gidlow and appears in her 1923 book, On a Golden Thread.

Here is what the Academy of American poets says:" Elsa Gidlow, born on December 29, 1898, was a poet and philosopher. Her book, On a Grey Thread (Will Ransom, 1923), is believed by historians to be the first collection of openly lesbian love poetry published in North America." (They say other things, too, which you can read here.)

And definitely read this, especially if you are an outdoors-y type.

But let's get back to Gidlow's book being "the first collection of openly lesbian love poetry published in North America," as that is where our prompt starts.

What would your collection of poems, short stories, or essays be a first of? Your art/quilt/fashion show? Your movie/concert/novel?

Perhaps it would be something other than your creative endeavors.

Maybe not something in an entire continent--maybe the first in your family? On your street?

In your book club group? Of your colleaques?

Create a piece today that plays with this idea of you being the first at something.

Would you ignore or exploit that title?

Would it change you? The world? How so?

Would there be both good and bad?

Have fun! Enjoy being Number 1!

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