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The Summer of George: Prompt

Thanks to the New York Times, I just went down a rabbit hole of summer themes. (See the article that started this here--it's gifted, so it's free to you, even without a subscription.)

Remember Seinfeld's 1997 "the summer of George"? Remind yourself here.

Care to check out the top songs of each summer, from 1958's "Volaré" to 2023's "Last

         Night"? See Billboard's lists here.

Need a definition suitable for all ages of 2019's Hot Girl Summer? Click here.

I am not sure I could explain my love for this movie and these animals, but the summer of

1975 was the Summer of Jaws/Sharks! Learn about great white sharks here. (How much do I love this movie? I bought all the books about its making, I still have the soundtrack on vinyl, I became a 14-year-old amateur shark expert, and, until I realized I was not good at breathing underwater, even with equipment, I considered going into

marine biology.)

Click here for the Espresso Martini recipe, known as the Drink of Summer 2021.

We cannot forget 1967's Summer of Love! Click here for a photographic history.

It is still not officially summer, but as far as most Americans are concerned, it's summer. Do you love it? Dread it? Spend 3 months poolside or tear through to-do lists? Is it just another season? Has the trouble brought on by Climate Change (heat, drought, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes) changed your thinking of summer? Do you miss the days of summer camp, your first job as a lifeguard, or reading voraciously for your public library's summer reading challenge? Is it not summer for you until you hear "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys, "The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, or "Dancing in the Streets" by Martha and the Vandellas?

Think about your theme for this summer, taking into account your thoughts/answers to the questions above. What is your theme this summer? Why?

If you'd rather, you can always look back on a past summer and give it a theme now. The Summer of Heartbreak. The Summer of Italy. The Summer of Why I Should Never Drink Espresso Martinis. The Summer I Learned to Sail.

Title your poem/painting/prose piece/collage/etc. The Summer of _______________ and have at it!

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