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The Name Game: Poetry Prompt

Today's prompt has two parts.

BUT it only works if you do the first part completely before doing the second part.

So promise me you will do the first part before looking ahead.

Promise me.

Okay. Here we go.

You are going to use your full name as a way to mine some words.


My full name is Mary Christine Bernadette Delea. I can get the words:

mar or mare (Mare-ee)

criss-cross or teen (Chris-tine)

burn (Bern-adette)

delay (which is how my last name is pronounced)

If I wanted another, I could use my husband's name, Mel, and get mall.

Four or five words is good for this prompt. Try not to use a word that rhymes. Rather, go for the same word or a similar-sounding word (if possible) to the full name or one syllable. Some of you will have an easy time of it if, for example, your name is Robin Justice Greene, or Rob Farmer-Shore, or Prudence Brownstone.



Those 4 or 5 words that you have--this is your last chance to complete step one before step two is revealed--are now words that you must use in your piece's first sentence.

By sentence, I am not suggesting you write a prose poem, although you certainly can. However, poems have sentences. Even poems that do not contain any punctation have places where the reader should pause and read that spot as if it is the end of a sentence.

My four words--mare, teen, burn, delay--will make for an interesting sentence. While I am sure I have used the words "teen" and "burn" in poems, I am positive I have never used either "mare" or "delay."

Enjoy the piece you write using the Name Game!

Below is a picture of Shirley Ellis, who had a hit record with the song The Name Game.

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