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Seconds in a Momentary Science by Kristina Martinez

Seconds in a Momentary Science

by Kristina Martinez

Another breath, deeper, undo these

buttons to fit the stethoscope,

calipers, forceps,

deeper, the cuff tight

enough, systole and diastole,

formaldehyde, ether,

give me a fist,

hypertonic solution,

insect drawer, mollusk drawer,

jacket of plasma, centrifuge,

keratin, carbon, tentacles

lick the aquarium wall,

mercury, hemoglobin, this is a small

needle, microscopic,

open your mouth,

pace yourself for a

quick analysis, bismuth and tin,

radio telemetry, grab onto the lab coat,

swab of iodine, face against the fish tank,

take it inside, incalculable,

urchin and human, label the

veterbrae, slide of capillaries,

what do we have here, five steps to an

experiment, everything

you dare to know, pressure and rhythm,

zinc and want.

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