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Second Person: Poetry Prompt

Read Catherine Klatzker's award-winning poem in today's other blog post.

Then, write a poem in second person.

Although you should write about something from your own life (we will get to that in a second), use the second person perspective. Many writers find it easier to write about difficult experiences by using "you" instead of "I," and the use of "you" pulls the reader in by making her/him/they a more active participant. It does not work with every piece of writing, but when it works, as it does in Klatzker's poem, it really works.

You can choose any topic, of course, but here are some suggestions, based on today's blog poem.

Write about a time you broke a law.

Write about a bad medical experience you've had.

Write about a time when you almost died.

Write about angering an authority figure.

Write about a secret you kept for years.

If you want to add another level to this challenge, you can also take your cue from "What It Was Like" and what about your experience in the past, and then end your poem by delving into what happened when you told someone about it. Or why you have never told anyone. Poet's choice.

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