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Rejected Embroidery Projects by Triny Finlay

Rejected Embroidery Projects

by Triny Finlay

published in The/tEmz/Review, Issue 22

I stitch whimsy-careful scenes

for people who don’t love me back:

MSN logo, bi flag, Tetris blocks

for the 90s kid who left

on a work trip that winter

and chose not to return;

sun, moon, and rising

signs for the zodiac=led

trauma specialist who preferred

her subtle cats. Understood.

Whose hands will pick those finished

hoops from the nearby dumpster?

It’s all going to light up eventually.

Whose lungs will cave because of the fire?

Oh, Aida cloth,


and clamped

and stabbed:

I didn’t mean to hurt you, to re-birth you

as something harsher than yourself.

We all know the needle pushes away the pain.

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