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Prairie Work by Susan Niz

Prairie Work

by Susan Niz

published in Ponder Review, Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall 2018

I walk fatly through field

Like a freckled, yellow-green pear

With my apple daughter

Running ahead, my hips circling

A slow, steady pace

My chest relieved of the weight of her limbs

As she was carried last year

When green shoots pointed a finger

Through decay in a meadow too far

To reach with the heaviness of the baby

In my arms

She points to a clutter of birds

Swallows, like icons of angle,

Who dumpster dive in edifice grasses

Torment field-working mice

Who harvest seeds, as squirrels hastily plant trees

For our future

While bees canvass with sticky yellow fingers

For the change

They want to see in the world

We hide and seek

On two sides of the same, safe

Silent bark

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