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On the Other Hand: Poetry Prompt

Patricia Smith mentions Randy Travis in her poem, The Reemergence of the Noose, so we will keep it going this week.

Your writing challenge this week is to include a lyric from a Randy Travis song in your piece.

I put some below, but there are more lyrics listed online.

Remember to cite the song facts!

(If none of his lyrics appeal to you, try choice #2: refer to a singer in passing, as Smith does in her poem with Travis)

"I'm dialin' 'cross the radio for a song that I can sing"

from The Storms of Life

"The way you slammed that door

And walked right out on me"

from My Heart Cracked

"I talk to the man up there in the moon"

from A Little Left of Center

"I would not have chosen

The road you have taken"

from Somewhere In My Broken Heart

"And the dog, he won't eat, he just lays around"

from Before You Kill Us All

"I had no intentions of staying away this long"

from 'Til I'm Dead and Gone

"Nobody cares when I try to sleep"

from Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares

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