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No Moon at All: Writing Prompt

Jackie Kay's incredible poem, "Margaret's Moon," mentions the moon just once in her short poem (line four: "a hammock moon"). Most of her poem is focused on Margaret, the speaker, and moon-adjacent description.

I love this, as everything else in the poem has the moon, unmentioned, in it, particularly the last line. Our imaginations have already engaged the moon from the title and that brief mention, and there it sits, high above us but there, as we continue to read.

This week's poem is going to take this moon/almost non-existent moon idea to the extreme.

Use the word "moon" in your title. Then write your poem, paint your painting, create your collage--whatever--without ever bringing the moon into your piece.

Rather, cram your piece (on whatever topic you choose; it does not need to be about the death of a loved one, as Kay's poem is) chockfull of moon-adjacent descriptions, references, verbs, symbols, etc.: stars, craters, NASA, cheese, eclipses, nighttime, femininity, crescents,

any number of gods and goddesses in a variety of belief systems, etc.

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