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Movies and Books and Reviews, Oh My!: Prompt

Today's poem on my blog was written in response to a book review. The book, The Letters of Robert Oppenheimer, contains the correspondence of the man for whom a hit movie was recently released and, coincidentally, tonight is the Academy Awards, and the film, Oppenheimer, is sure to win at least 1. At least.

For this week's prompt, I would like you to write or otherwise create a piece of art that responds in some way to either a book or a book review you have recently read, or to a movie you have recently seen.

One of the things I so admire about Hildegarde Flanner's poem is the repetition she employs throughout. Repetition is one of those things that can truly make or break a piece of art. Too much? Superfluous? Annoying? Too little so that it looks sloppy? Flanner's repetition of words is truly admirable. Can you also repeat something in your piece and do it as well?

Have fun!

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