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Mad Libs Poem: Prompt

Mad Libs gave me and my brother a lot of silly fun as we sat in the backseat of the blue Plymouth Fury with my parents up front. More recently, they are still popular at Girl Scout camp and sleepovers. In between those two periods of my life, Mad Libs poetry prompts were trendy, and they are a great way to free write your way into a poem, or any type of prose (possibly visual art as well).

To do this prompt as a true Mad Libs, write down your answers on a sheet of paper, without looking ahead. When you get to the end, fill in the blanks and you will have the first draft of a poem or at least some interesting images and lines.

Remember--don't look beyond the first 20 prompts until you have them all done!

  1. something people lose or misplace

  2. a non-primary color

  3. a shape

  4. something that worries people

  5. a scary sound

  6. same word as #1

  7. an active verb

  8. something a polar bear can do that you cannot

  9. something you wish you were better at

  10. what makes you cry

  11. what you would say to the moon

  12. what you wish words could do

  13. a verb

  14. a superstition

  15. why you might suddenly collapse

  16. a large animal

  17. five of your favorite words

  18. where you could hide

  19. same word as #1

  20. accuse the moon of something

Again, I lost _______1________,

its _____2_____ _____3_____

gone. I fear _____4______

when I hear _____5_____ which I hear

all the time since I lost _____6_____.

So I _____7_____,

I try to _____8_____,

I try to be better at _____9_____,

just in case. Like _____10_____,

my failure makes me cry.


but the words get lost because they cannot

_____12_____. Instead,

they _____13_____, as if


I _____15_____ and collapse

like a dead _____16_____.

I say to the moon,

_____17_____, and use the darkness

to hide in _____18_____.

I find my _____19_____ there.


Now have fun revising this however you want!

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