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Love Letter to a Dead Body by Jake Skeets

Love Letter to a Dead Body

by Jake Skeets

published in Boston Review, 2018

we lay each other down in the burr and sage bottles jangle us awake cirrhosis moon for eye

memories cough our young fists up trying to set ourselves on fire dressing ourselves in black smoke

just as our cousins did one by one after the other rising pure blue in June

let drunktown rake up the letters in their names lost to bone let horses graze where remains are found

and you kiss me to shut me up my skin bruise dark in the deep

come morning the leaves will replace themselves with meadowlarks names shiver in the bottle jangle still cockshut in larkspur

you will see your cousin and uncle lying next to you

every time I blink we become ghosts bottle-dark and white-eyed

among the grasses horses probably still there

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