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Kia Writes the Microwaves by Jeremy Downes

Kia Writes the Microwaves

by Jeremy Downes

Kia writes the microwaves

sizzling yesterday’s browned grief;

Kia reads the manuals, finds

the pounds per square inch pressure

shrugged in the can-opener’s blade.

Kia writes the spray and whuush

of dishwashers striking up at dawn;

Kia watches as the maple knife block does its work;

as the salad spinner spins;

as the blender threshes, combs, combines.

Kia writes refrigerated lyrics, the buzzing light’s

fluorescent prose, and Kia wants and

Kia wants to chant the epic of laminate floors,

script the toaster’s pulp fiction,

sings the kitchen’s effable romance.

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