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Jubilate Agno: Prompt

A few choices today for your prompt, and all are based on the poem on my blog today, "For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry" (from Jubilate Agno) by Christopher Smart.

1.) If you are writing, try anaphora. This is the repetition of words or phrases at the start of lines, sentences, paragrpahs, sections, etc.

2.) Visual artists can use the repetition of an image in some way.

3.) Any artist can create an homage to one of their pets.

4.) Use one of the lines from Smart's poem as your inspiration (citing the source, of course!).

5.) For I will consider . . . something. Pizza? Remodeling the bathroom? Marriage? Clouds? Diabetes? New Jersey? See what you can get from considering something in many ways.

6.) Create a piece (writing or visual art) that is an ode but be realistic and honest; include the good and the bad.

As always, have fun, challenge yourself, and remember--I would love to see what you create from these prompts!

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