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It's a Word Buffet: Writing Prompt

I love buffets! I can try lots of different foods in small amounts. I don't have to decide between a garden salad and a Caesar salad--I can get both! I can try just a little of the salmon in the unrecognizable sauce--sometimes it requires seconds (or thirds).

This week's buffet is a word buffet. Your challenge is to choose two words from each group and use those words in your piece.

As with all of these prompts, and all prompts anywhere, is to use the guidelines for your first draft as close to the prompt as possible. Then, as you revise, the prompt elements can be changed or even taken out--whatever makes your piece the best it can be. That is always the goal, of course, not sticking to words, images, etc. that do not serve your piece.

Be creative! No stress!

Remember to send me your writing responses based on one of my prompts. Be sure to tell me which prompt you used, and check out the pieces others have written.


turn, concern, fern, burn, learn, earn, churn, discern, yearn


young, tongue, rung, wrung, swung, hung, sung, stung


horse, trend, cashew, swim, delegate, dance, desk, year


pill, ill, bill, sill, will, still, hill, mill, thrill


page, stage, age, sage, rage, wage, cage


few, shift, herd, work, drift, lunge, swerve, more, itch, cars

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