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Imagine YOUR Neighbor: Writing Prompt

I don't always pull my prompts from the poem I posted, but when I do, it is a fairly blatant prompt.

For this week's writing, imagine your neighbor (so do not choose a neighbor that you know well).

This can be you imagining that person's life/those people's lives, or you can have your neighbors wondering about the speaker of your piece.

A poem of mine, "What the Neighbors Suspect Is True," published in The Pointed Circle way

back in 1998, imagined the speaker as a witch and a seer making all kinds of spells, charms, and curses, and acknowledging that her suburban facade is probably not fooling anyone.

Your speaker can be one of the people we so often hear from after a murder: "He was such a quiet boy!' or "But they went to church. They were good people!"

Whatever you do with this prompt, be sure to first read today's lovely poem, "Imagining My Neighbor" by Loretta Diane Walker.

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