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Imagine That!: Poetry Prompt

Read the poem posted today on this very same blog (and many of the others) to see how wonderful poems that are pure imagination can be.

Honestly, I had never stopped to think what Mrs. Buddha and Mrs. God would do in any circumstance until reading Patricia McMillen's poem. Now? My head cannot stop picturing new espresso machines and red eggs!

This week's writing prompt takes today's poem as inspiration.

Imagine two people who do not exist in this realm or any other meeting up. In McMillen's poem, we have--of course--an omniscient narrator as a speaker; we get into Mrs. God's thoughts, but only once at the poem's beginning. We then are privy to Mrs. Buddha's brain for most of the poem. Use whatever type of speaker fits your subjects. There are plenty of supernatural beings from all cultures to give parents, spouses, children, neighbors, college roommates, or first job bosses to!

If you'd rather not leap into complete invention, create a poem in which there is a meeting of two real people from the past who were connected to famous people or between two real and well-known people from two different time periods.

If you are making up your two people, you have the freedom of creating their voices and personalities. If you are going to write about two real people, do some research. You will be inventing, of course, but your subjects should be grounded by facts that are true to them. You might not be able to learn much about folks who were connected to well-known people, but you can use their time period and culture for information.

Enjoy today's poem and have fun writing your own!

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