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Four Definitions: Poetry Prompt

To follow this writing prompt in the strictest sense, define four in 4 different ways. If you would like more inspiration, Google Four Definitions and be amazed at the fascinating things that will come up, even on the first page.

To use the prompt as a base in which to do your own thing, write a poem that defines something in four different ways. I suggest doing the same thing as with "four"--Google

skunk or tea kettle or isthmus or whatever you will define in four ways as a means to jumpstart your writing.

Whichever method you choose, you can challenge yourself even more by writing a poem that has four sections, or four stanzas, or uses only quatrains. You can repeat your defined word in each line, or never mention it directly after putting it into the title.

Why four? Why not? Have fun! Go forth (haha!) and write!

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