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Faux Whitman: Writing Prompt

Walt Whitman has, among poetry in general, always been a comfort to me, and his poems have comforted many. More importantly, his poetry revolutionized poetry (along with the poems of Emily Dickinson); the two of them charted their own poetic voices, forms, topics, POVs, syntax, diction . . . everything. It is impossible to ignore their influence on all poetry written since they were writing.

This week's prompt asks you to look at the final section of Whitman's Song of Myself, which also happens to be today's blog poem. I want you to get fully inspired by this part of the poem, whether you are writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, or collaging, and follow these guidelines:

*Give credit to Whitman in your piece!

*Do not limit yourself to only the prompt parts listed below! Add to them, put them in a different order, do the opposite of my suggestions, repeat any specifics as you like. The important thing is--as always--to get a first draft going!

Start with a bird

Describe 2 things that you are

Tell/Show us what kind of noise you make

Choose 3 verbs (Whitman's are holds, flings, coaxes) and really make them work for you

Create an image of you leaving and . . .

Let us know where and how you will ultimately end up

Remind us of the ways you will always be with us (or a specific person or people)

Provide directions on what we are to do

Have fun being Whitman-esque in whatever form you choose!

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