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Face Your Fear: Poetry Prompt

Think back to an incident where you felt real fear--not anxiety or stress or despair, but fear, that mental, emotional, and physical pit that brings us humans (convinced we are so much more evolved than animals) back to our animal selves.

Write a poem that does one of these things:

  1. narrates the/an instance (nonfiction, fiction, or a blend) where you felt that fear

  2. confronts that fear by addressing it directly

  3. starts with a fact about your fear, and then examines that fear from a distanced perspective

Of course, you can combine the three choices above or do something completely different with your fear poem (as is always the case! prompts are meant to get you to be productive and get a first draft completed).

Many people find writing therapeutic, so maybe this prompt will help you in some way. On the other hand, you may need a few stiff drinks to help you get through this prompt. Or both. I am not a therapist, so I do not know.

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