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Did You Ever?: Poetry Prompt

This week's prompt very definitely lends itself to poems, essays, stories, one-act plays, performance art, and a lot of other things! Whether you go sad or happy, thoughtful or light, complicated or minimalistic, everyone/anyone should be able to get something from this prompt.

Choose one of the following and write about it:

a time you peed in a sink

a time you slept outside or in a car, although you had not planned to

a time you got a concussion

a time you saved/attempted to save a wounded wild animal

a time you bullied someone

a time you saw an authority figure cry

a time you picked a physical fight with someone

a time you got kicked out of a movie theater

a time you tore up a legal and/or official document of some kind

Go for it! Have fun or a good cry! Poets--let me see what you come up with!

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