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Coyote Night by Adrian C. Louis

Coyote Night

Adrian C. Louis

A flat tire ten miles

east of Pine Ridge

just past the Wounded Knee turnoff.

I disembark into Siberia

looking for Zhivago.

A non-stopping semi whines away

into a state of exhaustion.

This winter night is held

in silence as if a giant squid

fell upon the land and froze.

Scraggly pines try to feel

up the miserable moon.

Snapping twigs signal

sneaking-up coyotes.

Here there are no distant

garbage trucks,

no all-night neon.

I click the safety off my .22 Llama

and light a cigar.

Coyote eyes float

in deep-ass blackness.

Coyote eyes float

in deep-ass blackness,

Coyote eyes gloat

in black glass glee

and I laugh and return to my car.

It drives pretty good

on three tires.

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