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Cinco de Mayo!: Creative Prompt

I think Cinco de Mayo is a lot like Saint Patrick's Day: it's bigger in American than it is in its origin country; people of all heritages celebrate it; for many people, it's really just a big party; and few people know the actual history behind the holiday. (I say all of this in a non-judgy way. If you want me to judge you, tell me you prefer oatmeal raisin cookies to chocolate chip cookies.) This has nothing to do with the prompt--just one of my tangential observations!

To celebrate and be creative, I am giving you a lot of choices today!

Choose one or more and do something wildly creative (tamales and margaritas are optional!):

Write a story or play that features 5 characters

Create something in which the setting is Mexico or the month of May or both

Create something in which a parade figures heavily

Learn about the history of Cinco de Mayo (try here for a fast lesson) and create something that takes place during 1862, a battle, or in the French court of Napolean III

Create something that uses Spanish words

Create something that features a Samson vs. Goliath situation and outcome

Take the colors of the Mexican flag, an image, or a story (or two or more of these things) and make something with those (information on the flag is here)

Have fun!

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