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Blessings: Poetry Prompt

Using Shirley Geok-lin Lim's poem, "Bless this Bagel," as inspiration, write a short poem that is a blessing. A food item is a great thing to use in this poem, as it usually involves other items, as well as a ritual in preparation and/or eating, be it casual, personal, religious, formal, or otherwise. Especially poignant in Lim's poem, and a great goal for you, is how she uses the food as a way to show gratitude for other, larger things, while still remaining with the bagel.

If you want to get deeper into the "blessing" part of this prompt, you can also give yourself a strict meter from a religious tradition. Emily Dickinson did this in many of her poems, using hymn meter from Christianity.

If a short poem like this is too confining for what you want to express in your food blessing, this prompt works well for nonfiction pieces, too.

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