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Artificial Intelligence: Writing Prompt

First, if you are not aware of what is happening to some literary journals, click here and here and read these articles about AI-written "literature" being submitted to literary journals.

I spent much of today (Day 2 of a much needed Mental Health break) revising a poem and revising it some more. I have never liked the title I had originally given it, but was so fried after all that revising, my brain could no longer function. Coming up with a better title was beyond me. So I thought I would try to get inspiration from a title-generating program.

I was surprised at how many title-generating websites exist. They all claim to come up with traffic-driving titles for blogs, books, articles, click bait, research papers, and the like. I hoped that I could at least get a nudge towards a better title.

That did not happen. I finally took a break and let my brain rest. Then I thought up a title that was better than what I had, but will probably be revised again soon.

But the AI-generated titles did inspire me to create this prompt. You will also recognize these titles--not the specific ones, but their pattern, style, and soullessness. You have read titles like these every time you are online. A few of them are actually poem-worthy, especially if you tweak them. I tried to provide enough to give you some fun choices.

Use one of the titles as your title, use words from one or more in your poem, free write from one of the titles, or use it in some other way. Although it hurts me, I did not correct the grammar or punctuation of these titles.

For a bigger challenge, make your piece about AI in some way. As always, remember that this is just a draft you are writing. Play with your words, and have fun!

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