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A Horse, Of Course: Poetry Prompt

Good morning!

Although only 14% of Americans live in rural areas, most of us are not far from horses. Horse-drawn carriages, police horses, riding schools, horse racing, state fair rodeos, parades, pony rides, and therapy horses allow people not living near horses that work on farms and ranches to see them regularly.

Besides seeing actual horses, our language is filled with idioms and phrases that involve horses. From the horse power of cars to being so hungry you can eat a horse, from a game of horseshoes to a Trojan horse, we are surrounded by horses.

There are horses in today's poem, "Love Letter to a Dead Body," witnesses to the poem's action. And your prompt poem for the week should do the same.

Write a poem in which horses are off to the side, watching (or ignoring) the action. The horses can be actual animals or wooden/stuffed,ceramic/etc.; whatever type of horse you use, they should pop up at least twice in your poem.

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