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10 Things I Hate about You: Prompt

I love odes, I admit it. Counting my blessings? Sure. I try to find the beauty around me. I write down something I am grateful for every day.

But sometimes . . . sometimes . . . a gal's just gotta hate.

For this prompt, I want you to think of something (rather than someone) that you really, Really, REALLY dislike. You don't need to limit yourself to just 10 things that make this thing so noxious, but you can challenge yourself to keeping it at 10.

So, write something that

addresses something you do not like

addresses the thing directly

explains what you don't like like


keep your list of "why" to 10 things

Visual artists--create the thing you create with a focus on what you hate.

Everybody--get some inspiration from today's blog poem, "To the Pay Toilet" by Marge Piercy. It is one of my favorite poems, in part because I remember these awful things and Piercy's take is spot on. They were in department stores and train/bus stations, but only in the women's rooms! (Yes, you read that correctly.) Holding the door open for the next person or even crawling under the door became de rigueur until they were finally gotten rid of in the 1970s.

So think of your pet peeves and create something wonderful! Have fun!

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