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You're Such a Softie: Poetry Prompt

Think of, or--better yet--get ahold of something very soft.

It could be a blanket, moss, your own hair, a feather, a cashmere scarf, shaving cream, flower petals, cotton balls, taffy, you pet's fur, an eraser, a marshmallow, a ball of yarn, a mushroom, a silk blouse, fuzzy slippers, a stuffed animal, whipped cream, etc.

Feel this thing, or think of it intensely.

Write your answers to the following questions. Don't worry yet about form, line breaks, diction, etc.--just write.

Your item feels soft, but how? In what way? What kind of soft? can you compare it to something else?

Are there parts that are not soft?

What color/colors is this thing? Are the colors connected to the softness? Why or why not?

What memories/feelings do you associate with this thing?

Is that a fact about this item that you know? If not, why don't you know?

What can you make with this thing, if you had a lot of them? Who would appreciate this new creation?

What does this thing smell like? Is it a pleasant scent? Why or why not?

Why do you think humans like soft things? Or do we? Can something be too soft?

After you answer these questions, set your writing aside for a little while. After 10-30 minutes, look at your answers; change or add to any that you have thought more about. Then take all of your writing about the soft thing and write a poem.

This prompt shouldn't be too hard! (See what I did there? I am such a laugh riot!)

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