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YA: Prompt

What are your favorite YA books from when you were young?

Nancy Drew? Darius the Great Is Not Okay? The Poet X? Anne of Green Gables? Lord of the Flies? Tuck Everlasting? Holes? The Hunger Games? The Outsiders? Code Talker? The Crossover? Lisa Bright and Dark? To All the Boys I've Loved Before? Stamped? The Hardy Boys? Beasts of Prey? Me and Earl and the Dying Girl? Like a Love Story? Say What You Will? From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler? Forever? Last Night at the Telegraph Club? A Separate Peace? Wonder? Freak the Mighty? My Darling, My Hamburger? Sister of the Bride? The House of Mango Street? Planet Middle School?

Let's face it--there are amazing YA books out there, and chances are each of us has more than one favorite. Probably a lot more.

You may even have read some of the newer ones--out of curiosity, with your kids or grandkids or other young family members, or just for the love of great literature.

Think about that book; if you have the time, re-read it.

Now for the prompt. You have a number of choices.

Writers: Take a cue from Kathleen Aguero (her poem on my blog today is from the point of view of Nancy Drew's father) and take one of the characters from one of your favorite YA books and tell a story/poem from that character's point of view

Visual Artists: Recall one of the most vivid scenes in one of your favorites and express that scene in your medium/respond to that scene/create the opposite of that scene/or hone in on one tiny detail and blow that up

Any type of artist: Imagine meeting the main character, the one you connected with, or cried over, or rooted for, or tried hard to understand, and put that meeting to paper, fabric, clay, etc.

Pull out your inner child/tween/teen and let that kid have some fun!

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