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Start with a Fact: Poetry Prompt

Choose one of the facts below and use it to jumpstart a poem.

1.) Only 6 people attended the funeral of Thomas Paine

2.) Oregon grows 99% of hazelnuts in America

3.) The French word for dandelion is pissenlit; it means "wet the bed"

4.) Dendrochronology is the science of dating trees by their rings; these rings can also show the occurrence of natural disasters

5.) A shop in Scottsboro, Alabama is called The Unclaimed Baggage Center; it sells items from lost baggage that have never been claimed

6.) The planet Venus spins clockwise, and is the only planet in our solar system to do so

7.) Pigs Beach in the Bahamas really has swimming pigs

8.) No one was ever caught or convicted for the Chicago Tylenol murders

9.) Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Canadian

10.) Once birds reach adulthood, they do not change physically, which makes determining the age of wild birds very difficult

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