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Prompt: Like Santa's List, But Different

This week's prompt is easy for any writer or artist: you are asked to make a list.

For poets, this means a List Poem. History is full of great list poems, including Walt Whitman's "I Hear America Singing," which you can find here. Your list needs to go beyond just a word or two (so not just Maria: X-Box or Tyler: bicycle)--it needs to include description and images. List poems often use anaphora (the repetition of words/phrases at the start of each line); this device gives a chant-like quality to the poem. Today's poem on this blog does not use anaphora; instead, the title holds the list items together.

For prose writers, you can write a piece that includes one or more lists or even make each paragraph one item on a list.

Visual artists can incorporate either the list words themselves or the images of list items into their pieces.

You could have fun taking an everyday list (to-do, grocery, even a resolution list) and adding to that (why I won't be saving money, how many bags of chips do these kids go through every week?, etc.).

As ever, have fun!

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