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Open your almonds slowly by Jessica Brown

Open your almonds slowly

by Jessica Brown

published in Honest Ulsterman, June 2018

The air is so still I worry something bad is

Coming as I watch the encased almond

Hanging from the tree and I wish it was me,

Sheltered from the beautiful valleys

Tumbling over themselves to plant death in my head.

I’ll howl at the sky if a leaf falls

Carry it mournfully in my pocket

And people will know by my face there’s

Been a loss.

But my body doesn’t know how to

Absorb this beauty, I just have hyperbole, so

I pretend it’s a postcard because I never

Learnt to drink with my eyes and these miles

Of untouched earth are causing concerning levels of

Calm in my cortisol veins, with no way to

Come back out again. Little almond, if this view

Kills me, promise me you’ll come out slowly.

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