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I Must Be Dreaming: Poetry Prompt

The oil painting shown below is entitled Dreams. It was painted by Vittorio Matteo Corcos in 1896. The woman was the daughter of a friend of the artist named Elena Vecchi. He was born in Italy, and spent most of his life there, with the exception of a handful of years when he lived in Paris, France. He is most known for his portraits of young people, although he also painted some landscapes and magazine illustrations.

For this week's prompt, use anything from or about this painting as inspiration for your poem.

Write an ekphrastic poem

Imagine the life of Elena Vecchi

Question why this painting is named Dreams

Address Corcos directly in a poem (called an apostrophe in poetry)

Recall your visit to The Uffizi Gallery, where Corcos' self-portrait hangs

Examine the gender implications of the change in women's clothing trends

Take one item from the painting (green hat, yellow wall, flower petals, etc.) that you have

had an experience with or can create an experience with

Fashion a three-section poem in which the speaker discusses the three books that are

the most meaningful to her/him

Step even farther from the source and write a poem that includes dream interpretation, a

woman named Dreama, Italy, or a song with the word "dream" in the title

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