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Home on New Year's by Dina Ben-Lev

Home on New Year’s

by Dina Ben-Lev

Never mind about being alone. At least

when you need it, the bathroom’s

unoccupied. Couples won’t wander into

your closets. And you can drink champagne

casually, contemplatively, in the way of the old rich.

Click on the TV and everyone’ll be talking

too loud, blitzed on beer or nervous

in sequins. Suddenly, an aerial view of Manhattan:

streets zig-zagging with lights, like a puzzle

burning apart at the seams. If it will, let the planet crack into pieces, you’re not

waiting for a countdown. Go ahead, throw confetti

on the rug. Pour your glass again, and if

the phone rings, don’t answer, think,

Somebody always wants me.

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