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Growing Up: Prompt

Linda Gregerson's wonderful poem, "With Emma at the Ladies-Only Swimming Pond on Hampstead Heath," is today's poem on my blog.

It is a moving look at motherhood, a lyric moment of being in the present and--knowing things will change--wanting to stay there. Anyone who has a strong bond with a child or a parent will read this poem and think, "Oh! I have a new favorite poem!"

Gregerson's poem is the basis of this prompt. Picture a perfect moment with your child or when you were a child with a parent. It could be a moment from last weekend or from 30 years ago.

What are the two of you doing? What are some of the things that you (THE 5 SENSES!) see, smell, feel, hear, and taste? What is your mood and that of your child/parent? Do you think that mood will change? When? Why?

If you are painting or drawing, saturate your picture with the surroundings. If working with clay, focus on the emotion of the "you" and the "other."

Since you are creating a moment knowing what comes after (again, days, years, or decades), really try to return to that moment, leaving out the knowledge that you have now of what will change.

As ever--it's only a first draft! Have fun!

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