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EN: Writing Prompt

For today's prompt, choose one of the words from the list below and write about how it feels to be that or--even better--to have been that in the past. You can, of course, interpret the word in any way you wish.

Extra challenge: Include in your piece an allusion (a short and quick reference that is not explained) to another being from literature (for example, Milton's Fallen Angel in Paradise Lost, Sethe's beaten body in Morrison's Beloved, or any number of brazen goddesses found in all mythologies and religions).

Broken Fallen Golden Crestfallen

Given Frostbitten Beholden Ashen

Outspoken Bedridden Overtaken Frozen

Taken Unwritten Beaten Heartbroken

Forbidden Chosen Brazen Shaken

Stolen Hidden Woken Forgotten

Mistaken Swollen Unspoken Graven

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