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Answer Me This, Part 2: Poetry Prompt

On October 17, 2021, I posted a prompt called Answer Me This. It asked that you write a piece that answers 6 questions. A wonderful poet, Penelope Scambly Schott, shared with me the poem she wrote from the prompt and it is amazing. I was thinking about her poem and thought it is time for the same prompt, but with different questions. You can find the original prompt if you scroll through the prompts.

Below is the second Answer Me This prompt. As always, have fun with it. Remember that poetry is NOT nonfiction! The "you" below (the "I" in your poem) is a speaker who can be you, or based on you, or partly you, or a completely imagined you. Your answers can be the same: factual, fictional, or some of both. Just because something really happened does not mean it will make a good poem!

This suggestion from the first Answer Me This applies now as well: This can be a very short poem--just the answers--or you can ruminate and use stanzas or even sections.

Try and follow "the rules" when writing your first draft, and then do whatever needs to be during revisions to make the poem better, regardless of the prompt's "rules."

As always, have fun with it!

The questions:

What is something you learned about someone you love that made you reconsider your relationship or view them differently?

When did you learn this information? Where were you? What were you doing when you learned it?

Who gave you this new information?

What sounds did you hear at that time? What sounds do you hear now when you think about this information?

Why do you think you did not know this information from the start? Was the person hiding it from you or was it something that just never came up?

Why is this information and/or your reaction to it surprising?

What do you hope happens in the future with this person?

How will you try and make that happen?

Who or what do you feel like now when you are with this person?

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