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Wordle Fun: Writing Prompt

I admit it! I begin each day with Wordle, Quordle, and Hurdle, as well as the apps Red Herring and Word Search. And there are many other word games out there that others are addicted to, from classic Scrabble to Dordle, from Waffle to crossword puzzles.

Wordle, Quordle, and Hurdle all have 1 thing in common--you can only use 5-letter words.

This week's writing prompt challenges you to fill your poem, short story, essay, etc. with 5-letter words. You will notice from the list below (more on that in a bit) that many 5-letter words are just one syllable; that will affect the rhythm of your writing, thus also affecting the tone of your piece. You can further challenge yourself by using only one syllable words, or making sure that for every one syllable word you use, you use a two and/or three syllable word.

You can use your Go-To Starter Words, words related to a theme (food, stars, Norway, etc.), and use some from the list below, all of which were the correct answers to some of the most popular word games.

cramp bluff upset stomp smear

label poker khaki youth quart

gauze prize aloud rainy stale

usual braid spoke apply third

snowy stake bulky prove total

poppy crept apart rough burst

attic ebony conch staff cigar

mince badge ulcer clump eager

hazel thumb below adore hefty

alibi opium media piano flame

You can also create a poem of 5 stanzas or 5 stanzas or a poem written in quintains (5 line stanzas). An essay can have 5 sections. A flash piece can have just 5 sentences.

See how much you want to challenge yourself, and keep in mind--revised drafts do not have to stick the guidelines of a prompt! Have fun!

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