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True Love: Writing Prompt

This week's writing prompt is in two stages, and you need to promise (promise!) that you will complete Part I before looking ahead to what is required in Part II.


Okay, let's go with Part I.

Answer these questions by writing down your answers (or typing, voice note, etc.). Don't think about these too much--just answer. And you can always make up your answers (unless you are writing nonfiction!).

What is your favorite color?

What is something you did when young that you are now embarrass by?

What was your first job?

What is a bird or animal you are fascinated/intriqued by?

Who is an underrated writer that you adore?

What candy can you NOT resist?

What was the reason you took your first airplane trip? (If never, how about your first escalator? First long car ride? Train trip? Ship voyage?)

What bug do you consider the worst?

What is a recurring dream or image in a dream that you have?

Now I will be taking up some space so that I can be sure you are not peeking to Part II before you finish Part I.

Remember, you promised to not peek.

Promises are important to keep.

Don't you hate when someone makes a promise to you and then breaks their promise?


Okay, now onto Part II.

Read or re-read the Robert Penn Warren poem that is today's blog poem. Should his poem have been called First Love? Or is our first love always our truest love? (Think about that second question as you get to the rest of this prompt.)

Now, write about your first love, using the answers to the questions in Part I. Dig deep. Write about its glories and fumbles, its pain and highlights.

If you are still with that person, tell us why.

If you are not, add in whatever you know about that person.

If you are not, and know nothing (or even if you do), invent a life, as RPW did in his poem.

Do you wish them well or wish they would burn at the stake? Both?

Try and get the mix of emotions I am assuming you will conjure up into this piece.

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