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On July 9, I posted a prompt that used sentences in languages other than English as a way to do Sound Translations to start a draft.

I promised to post what language each sentence was from, and what they each were in English. I said I would do that on July 16.

I completely forgot! Mea culpa!

So here are the sentences, and if you need to check out the original prompt, do so! It really is a lot of fun and a great way to write something unexpected.

Here are the sentences:

Tá mo mhúinteoir ag múineadh ach nílím ag éisteacht mar níl suim agam sa stair.

Irish: My teacher is teaching but I am not listening because I do not have an interest in history.

Fotografia to bardzo popularne hobby, wielu entuzjastów wydaje ogromne pieniądze na sprzęt.

Polish: Photography is a popular hobby, with many serious hobbyists spending big money on equipment.

Sueño con ir al espacio sideral en un cohete espacial.

Spanish: I dream of going to outer space on a rocket ship.

Sigarasız bölümde oturmak istiyoruz.

Turkish: We’d like to sit in the non-smoking section.

Kaigi wa ku-ji yogi okonawaremasu.

Japanese: The meeting will be held at nine o’clock.

Ndixakekile imini nobusuku.

Xhosa: I am busy day and night.

Er det noe ledig for i natt?

Norwegian: Are there any vacancies for tonight?

Diquenvsvi gega; agi yosi ale gvna awaduli.

Cherokee: I’m going home; I am hungry and I want some turkey.

Waongea kama mwingereza; unatoka wapi?

Swahili: You sound British; where are you from?

Khaste nabaashid va salaamat baashid.

Farsi: I hope you’re not tired and I hope you are in peace.

Kailangan kong bumili ng isa pang libro.

Filipino: I need to buy another book.

Kuv ntim tag nrho kuv nkawm khau.

Hmong: I am packing all of my shoes.

Dan huwa l-aktar kulleġġ famuż fil-belt.

Maltese: That is the most famous college in the city.

ʻAʻole mākou hauʻoli i ka nānā ʻana i ka pôpeku.

Hawaiian: We do not enjoy watching football.

Mwen ta renmen bwè frèt tanpri.

Haitian Creole: I would like a cold drink please.

Asteburua baino lehen soineko berria erosi nahiko luke.

Basque: She would like to buy a new dress before the weekend.

Così tante persone si rompono le gambe quando sciano.

Italian: So many people break their legs when they ski.

Harbst iz der bester tsayt far kemping in di vald.

Yiddish: Autumn is the best season for camping in the woods.

Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon.

Welsh: A nation without a language is a nation without a heart.

Bună dimineaţa! Încântat de cunoştiinţă.

Romanian: Good morning! Nice to meet you.

Chúng tôi sở hữu một trang trại và chúng tôi trồng dâu và nho.

Vietnamese: We own a farm and we grow berries and grapes.

Lopetin lääketieteellisen koulun monta vuotta sitten.

Finnish: I dropped out of medical school many years ago.

Fomos ao parque ontem e vimos muitos veados.

Portuguese: We went to the park yesterday and saw lots of deer.

Ji turėtų baigti gaminti tą antklodę iki mėnesio pabaigos.

Lithuanian: She should finish making that quilt by the end of the month.

S’id valeur akooz nimoo ni miyaayaan.

Michif: I’m sad because I’m not feeling well.

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